About us

Our firm is an independent boutique law firm based in The Hague, The Netherlands, with an industry focus on:

- Construction & Real Estate
- Energy
- Government and
- Industrials sector

Our lawyers advise and litigate on both private law and public law matters, often operating at the interface of the two, including on public law (e.g. zoning and planning law), energy law, governmental liability, environmental (criminal) law, expropriation, construction and real estate law, (public) procurement law, lease law, tax law and Supreme Court litigation. They have a deep understanding of how local and central government operates and of the relevant interests of the governmental bodies involved.

Our clients

Clients range from:

the public sector (utility, water companies, local and regional authorities, (municipalities, provinces, environment agencies),

to businesses active in:

  • (sustainable) energy projects;

  • construction, project development and infrastructure projects

  • the industrial sector (oil & gas, (petro)chemical, pharmaceutical, food and heavy industries)

The firm has a strong scientific profile. Nearly all of the firm’s lawyers teach at universities and commercial institutes and publish articles in academic law journals on a frequent basis. Jacques Sluysmans, partner, has been a professor of Expropriation Law at Radboud University Nijmegen since 2013.

We offer the highest standards of quality in legal services, both in substance and in form. We pride ourselves in developing longlasting relationships with both public and private clients in which mutual trust, close contact and excellent accessibility are essential.

We have specialised expertise in various areas of law such as:

- Planning and Environment

- Energy

- Procurement and state aid

- Liability and damages

- Land acquisition and exploitation

- Real Estate (infrastructure-, commercial and public real estate developments, real estate transactions)

- Spatial planning and Environmental law

- Dutch Supreme Court litigation

- Constitutional and Administrative law

- Construction law

Doing business responsibly

Socially responsible goals

We regularly provide services to charitable organisations. If they have limited financial resources, our services are provided at a reduced rate or occasionally on a pro bono basis.

Human Capital

Being a good employer is hugely important to us. Because of this, we facilitate part-time work, continuing education and specialist training. Our lawyers are encouraged to publish and to teach. We value our employees and are proud of the quality of our legal practice.

Environmental sustainability

We have an active environmental policy that includes the following:

• compliance with the applicable environmental laws and regulations;
Our staff are given a “mobility budget”. Our car park includes two electric car loading stations.

• environmentally conscious acquisition of goods and services;
We consume only fair trade coffee and tea. Our staff lunchroom serves mostly organic food.

• sound waste management;
We use 100% wood-free, fully recycled printer paper that has been produced without optical brightening agents (EU Ecolabel, FSC brand and Blue Angel brand).

• energy use reduction by encouraging behavioural change and through technical choices;
We make use of an economical and environmentally friendly air-cooled system, LED lighting and energy-saving fluorescent bulbs.