Puc Ligtenberg


Puc Ligtenberg is mainly active in spatial planning law, environmental and enforcement law.

Puc has been part of the Van der Feltz team since June 2021. She advises and litigates for both private-sector and public-sector parties within administrative and civil law. Because of her broad interests, she sees both the important administrative law and civil law points of attention. In this way, she quickly has a good idea of ​​the exact situation and then proactively looks for the best solutions.

Puc completed her bachelor's degree in Law and the master's degree in Constitutional and Administrative Law and Criminal Law in Utrecht. Her interest in this area was aroused early in her studies by attending conferences and symposia.

Working in the sectors

Working in the areas of law


  • Lid van de Vereniging Jonge Onroerend goed Juristen (VJOJ)