Pauline van Aardenne

Senior associate

Pauline specialises in spatial planning law, administrative law and environmental law. Her practice has a strong focus on industry, especially heavy industry. She knows the rules of the playing field on which these companies operate and the risks they face. She closely follows the developments these companies have to take into account.

Pauline is regularly involved in assisting her clients with handling enforcement measures taken by the environmental authorities and the SZW Inspectorate, including as a result of BRZO inspections. Guiding clients through the environmental permit process, including advising on the implementation of BAT conclusions, also forms an important part of Pauline's practice. She regularly advises on various other environmental law aspects, such as waste problems (including the EVOA), the storage and shipment of hazardous substances, external safety regulations, soil pollution and REACH.

Companies are constantly having to deal with changing requirements and new challenges in areas relating to the environment, sustainability and energy conservation. For example, the new Environmental Act, which will enter into force in a few years' time, will completely change the current permit structure. Staying on top of these changes play a major role in Pauline's practice.

Pauline knows how to translate her legal expertise into practical application, and vice versa. By maintaining good relationships with all interested parties and by being able to communicate at various levels, she achieves the best possible results for her clients.

Working in the areas of law


She supervised

an extensive revision permit process for a large chemical concern, including the correct implementation of BAT conclusions;

She supervised

various enforcement procedures (relating to the failure of internal safety procedures) against a company that stores large quantities of flammable liquids, initiated by an environmental department and the SZW Inspectorate after a BRZO inspection;

She litigated

against the ex officio amendment of an environmental permit, in which emission limit values were imposed on a waste processing company that could not, although in accordance with the relevant BAT conclusions, be achieved by the company for technical and financial reasons;

She has conducted

enforcement proceedings after the discharge of hazardous substances into surface water;

She has advised

on whether a subsidy could be granted for remediation measures that go beyond what the Soil Protection Act required;

She advised

on the structuring of an environmental permit for various companies carrying out their activities in a single territory;

She advised

on the authorisation processes for substances of very high concern on the basis of the REACH regulation and on whether a downstream user could obtain an extension pending the authorisation process.


  • Member of the Administrative Law Association (VAR)
  • Member of the Environmental Law Association (VM)