Joyce van der Holst


Joyce van der Holst has been a lawyer and litigator since 2019. She specializes in spatial planning law, zoning law and environmental law.

Joyce also handles different spatial development issues with government liability issues in particular. She advises and litigates for parties both in the public and private sector.

Before she started working as a lawyer and litigator Joyce worked at the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State in The Hague. There she wrote the rulings for the Council of State and she mainly handled nature conservation cases.

Joyce is passionate about language and writing and it motivates her to translate complex matters into practical solutions for her clients. She is appreciated because of her distinct language and customer-oriented approach.

In 2023, Joyce completed the Grotius Acadamy specialist course on Environmental and Planning Law with honours.

Working in the sectors

Working in the areas of law


  • Member of the Environmental Law Association
  • Member of the Dutch Association for Construction Law (VBR)
  • Member of the Administrative Law Association (VAR)